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Teosyal RHA 3 (2x1ml) Online  can smooth out deeper wrinkles whilst still maintaining your natural looks. RHA 3 can also be used to volumize lips making them look more attractive and making you feel great about yourself again whenever you look at your reflection.

Each expression you make with your face and each movement of your features are supported by Buy Teosyal RHA 3, to ensure you always look attractive. The revolutionary formula by swiss brand Teoxane works when your face is static or dynamic. The gel formula will adapt and stretch to work with each facial expression depending on your emotions at that time.

A painless treatment with no swelling using anesthetic Lidocaine. Buy Dermal Fillers Online. The new RHA line is achieving popularity worldwide, owing its success to over 10 years of research by TEXAN Laboratories.

What do I receive in the box?

2 x 1ml syringes

How long will the effect last?

RHA 3 is absorbed immediately, creating effects that are long-lasting.

What are the Benefits of Teosyal RHA 3?

  • Minimizing deeper lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, and décolleté area
  • Plumping up lip volume

Is Teosyal better than Juvederm?

Popular lip fillers that hold volume and draw more water than others are their thicker products. Teosyal and Redensity, however, are acknowledged to last an average of a few months longer than Juvéderm Ultra or Ultra Plus.

How long does Teosyal filler last?

How long is Teosyal effective? Teosyal dermal fillers will not degrade as quickly but mirror the hyaluronic acid content naturally found in your body. The fillers’ effects, which might last up to 18 months, will keep the skin feeling elastic and hydrated.

What is the riskiest filler?

The authors add that nasal filler injections were identified as the second-leading cause of vision loss after the glabella in various publications examining facial danger zones and as the primary source of tissue necrosis.


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