• How does Synocrom work?

    SYNOCROM® containing hyaluronic acid of the highest pure form has been produced through a biofermentation process. Free from any type of preservatives, SYNOCROM® is tolerated inside the human body very well.

    What’s in the box?

    • 2ml sterile 1% biofermentative Hyaluronic acid containing 1.6 million daltons
    • sodium hyaluronate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride, citric acid and water for injection
    • 1 x 2.0ml pre-filled sterile syringe

    What are the benefits of Synocrom?

    Synocrom’s beneficial properties can be used in osteoarthritis to :

    • Act as a shock absorbent between the joints
    • Help treat degeneration in mobility
    • Give relief from pain by stopping further tissue damage
    • Provide a durable therapeutic effect following treatment
    • Can be used on all synovial joints

    What does treatment or Viscosupplementation Involve?

    Synocrom is a gel treatment administered under a process known as Viscosupplementation studied as being compatible with minimal side effects. Treatment is carried out using the intraarticular method. By supplementing the lost fluid in the synovial joint area, Synocrom increases the viscoelasticity of fluid in mild to moderate osteoarthritis.

    By using acid gel therapy using hyaluronic acid which is accepted by the body to replace existing lost acid, this method of treatment reduces the need for steroids and other anti-inflammatory drugs to combat knee joint pain. Quality of life is significantly increased.

    In a study of 313 arthritis patients, 87% medical specialists confirmed Synocrom had a significantly good effect.  Whilst 95% of patients agreed they had received very good response from this level of therapy. 50% of patients that were scheduled in for hip prosthesis cancelled their prosthesis, as synocrom has achieved a pain free therapy for patients.


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