• What can C-VIT CC Cream SPF 15 be used for?

    Sesderma C-VIT CC Cream SPF15 is a correction cream with a universal color that contains stabilized vitamin C to give an immediate antioxidant effect. It is suitable for all skin types and has a light texture that melts into the skin. This cream has small iridiscent particles that give a radiance boost to the skin, as well as the AniOx Booster System to provide protection against free radicals. The SPF15 ensures protection against UV radiation and the hyaluronic acid in this formula will keep the skin hydrated.

    Sesderma C-VIT CC Cream SPF15 has the following characteristics:

    • SPF15 to protect against the harmful sun radiation
    • Stabilized Vitamin C gives a radiance boost to the skin
    • With micronized iridiscent particles
    • AntiOx Booster System protects against free radicals
    • With hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated
    • Tinted cream
    • All skin types


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