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Buy Sesderma Acglicolic Classic Moisturising Gel Cream 50ml Online is Sesderma Acglicolic Classic Forte Moisturizing Gel Cream 50ml nanotechnology achieves maximum glycolic acid effectiveness without irritation. As a result, it is appropriate for all skin types.

It is a “Photoshop effect” anti-aging treatment because it works on wrinkles, blemishes, skin tone, and enlarged pores. Furthermore, it has a gentle exfoliating effect that promotes cell renewal. You can see it as well.

The first day will yield results. You should only use sunscreen as a precaution or only at night when going out in the sun because its exfoliating effect increases the sensitivity of your skin to the sun. If you have dry skin, we recommend Acglicolic Classic Nourishing Cream SPF15 or Acglicolic Classic Moisturizing Cream SPF15. Mixed Facial Airless twice a day, day and night Cream-gel

Antioxidant and regenerating properties (thanks to liposomes Ergothioneine and plant stem cells). Skin Soothing, moisturizing, and protecting.

Prevention and treatment of skin aging (wrinkles, age spots, sagging, etc.). Preparing the skin for treatment with retinoids and depigmenting agents for combination skin peels químicos.Indicado.

Contiene Factor and Natural Skin hydration, which act synergistically to moisturize, nourish and protect. You can apply it in the morning and or evening.

How does Acglicolic work
A complete high-performance formula. Glycolic acid is a naturally occurring active ingredient with high moisturizing, refreshing and regenerating properties.

What is Sesderma Acglicolic?

For oily skin, a facial gel with maximum anti-aging and rejuvenating action. It achieves a “photoshop-like” effect thanks to glycolic acid: try it out to reveal new skin! Through gentle exfoliation, it reduces wrinkles, revitalizes dull skin, and improves complexion.

What is sesderma used for?

It’s a base serum that can be used all year, including in the summer, before applying sunscreen. It works deeply, clarifying and reducing the size of blemishes while also preventing new ones from appearing. WHO IS IT INTENDED FOR? Skin types include dry, combination, and oily.




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