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Buy Princess Filler (1x1ml) Online of a sterile gel that is transparent and a mixture of non-soluble components. Its main advantages are to smooth out wrinkles and folds within the contours of the face. Also used popularly in increasing the volume of lips.


Hyaluronic acid

How long do the effects of the product last?

You will be glad to hear that results are there to stay for a very long time, although not permanent they are extremely long-lasting.

What are the side effects of using this treatment?

Princess Filler has no risks associated and no side effects should occur. Thanks to Croma’s 30 years of experience in research, development, and distribution of safe anti-aging products.

How long do Princess fillers last?

Princess® FILLER Lidocaine (PFL) is a soft tissue filler made by Croma-Pharma GmbH that contains HA as well as lidocaine hydrochloride as an anesthetic. Because HA is a natural component of human skin, PFL is naturally absorbed, with the device expected to last 6-9 months.

Is Princess filler good for lips?

Princess Volume is intended to restore lost cheekbone volume, eliminate hyperpigmentation, and reduce the appearance of moderate and deep wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. It is excellent for correcting facial contour, skin volume, and lip shape.

Is 1 ml a lot of lip filler?

Is 1ml Dermal Lip Filler Enough? 1 ml of dermal filler is considered average. It still results in a natural increase. Everything over 1ml creates a more dramatic look, and patients should be aware of this.

Is 1 ml of filler enough for cheeks?

They are excellent for replacing volume loss, increasing cheek volume, and improving the appearance of the lower eyelid by volumizing the upper cheek area. For a more youthful appearance, we recommend using as little as 1ml per session.


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