Buy PMP4303 Soft Vinyl Powder Free Glove Large 1 box of 50 Online – For Sale

Buy PMP4303 Soft Vinyl Powder Free Glove Large 1 box of 50 Online selection of sterile medical gloves. Our sterile medical gloves are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Biogel Powder Free & Sterile Surgical Gloves (Size 5.5-8.5) x10 and Safeskin Latex Free Sterile Gloves x 50 pairs are among our sterile medical gloves. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we do not have the sterile medical gloves that you require.

Vinyl gloves are a good choice for long wear periods because of their lightweight and natural feel. Soft Vinyl gloves from Healthgard are softer and more flexible than standard vinyl gloves. The thin, lightweight design is comfortable for both wearers and patients/clients. Because of the low friction of the smooth surface, they are ideal for close personal contact tasks in health and beauty where there is little risk of direct blood or bodily fluid contact.

Medical Grade Sterile Gloves. Type I allergy sufferers can use this product. Free of latex. Free of powder. The surface is smooth. Only for one-time use. Parts 1, 2, and 3 of BS EN 455 are met. Standard cuff length and ambidextrous. AQL 1.5. Palm Size Guide Width: X-Small: up to 80

  • Sterile
  • Color: Natural
  • Finger Textured, Powder Free

Which is better vinyl or nitrile gloves?

Vinyl gloves are typically less expensive than nitrile gloves. However, because of their superior strength and chemical resistance, nitrile gloves will perform better and last longer. Nitrile gloves are the most common choice for extended wear because they stretch more and fit better.

Which is better latex or vinyl gloves?

Latex gloves are more resistant to tear and puncture, and they are also more waterproof because it is easier to control the level of microholes, making them safer for risky jobs, such as working with biological materials. Because vinyl gloves contain no natural proteins, they can also be used by people who are allergic to latex proteins.




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