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Buy Pluryal Mesoline Tight (5x5ml vials) Online contains powerful ingredients that combat the signs of aging and extreme weight loss by tightening your skin and reducing stretch marks.

We recommended having 4 or 5 weekly sessions followed by one “maintenance” session every 2 to 3 months, depending on your individual needs. You can get back to your normal routine as soon as the care is over. The redness disappears in just a few hours.

The results are immediate and you’ll start noticing the improvement from the very first session. However, the long-term results appear once the initial course of care has been completed and need to be maintained by regular “top-up” sessions, as advised by your doctor.

In the short term, your skin will appear smoother, brighter, and firmer. In the longer term, lines, and wrinkles are reduced and your skin will become tighter.

Stretch marks are significantly reduced thanks to the tightening action of DMAE, which retracts the collagen fibers. After the initial course of 4 – 6 sessions, your stretch marks are usually reduced by at least 60%. Maintenance sessions are highly recommended to optimize the results.

Does your face go back to normal after fillers?

Can you return to your normal self after fillers? Many patients are concerned that once the filler wears off, it will look even worse than before. Though fillers may stretch your skin, it is elastic enough to return to their pre-treatment state. However, anything in excess is harmful to your health.

What happens if you stop using fillers?

Most people believe that if you stop getting dermal fillers, your skin will become wrinkly or saggy. This is not always the case. The effects of the fillers will wear off over time, but the treated area will most likely return to its original state.




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