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Buy  Plastipak luer slip eccentric 1ml syringe Online and aspiration of fluids from vials, ampoules, and parts of the body below the skin surface. Centric syringe type with Luer-Slip(TM) tip. Individually wrapped and sterile. Polypropylene, latex free. Compatible with all BD sterile needles.

  • 120 pack size
  • Volume: 1ml
  • Tip: Luer slip centric
  • No needle
  • Grade: Plastipak syringe

What are the 2 types of syringes?

When using a regular slip-tip needle that is too large for a regular slip-tip, catheter-tip syringes are frequently used.

What are the disadvantages of plastic syringes?

Plastic syringes, on the other hand, have a lower gas barrier than glass syringes, so they might not be appropriate if you’re working with degassed samples or samples that are extremely sensitive to oxygen. In addition, repeated sterilization can cause plastic syringes to lose their color and become cloudy.

What is an eccentric tip syringe?

Syringes with eccentric tips have an offset nozzle that is located on the barrel’s edge. This enables an attached needle to be almost parallel to the injection surface by bringing the needle closer in the line with the syringe walls.

Why you shouldn’t reuse syringes?

Patients who reuse needles or syringes run the risk of contracting Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and perhaps HIV. All patients who might have been impacted by the reuse of a needle or syringe should be informed of the discovery and encouraged to get tested.


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