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Buy Monalisa Hard Type (1x1ml) Online Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa’s enigmatic expression was caused by pain. Pain, on the other hand, is not a factor with Monalisa Hard. This skin filler, like all others from this brand, contains lidocaine. As a result, patients have a more comfortable injection experience.

The box’s syringe’s edge-cutting design allows for an even distribution of force during the treatment operation. Clinicians have a better grip, and the treatment can be performed with greater precision thanks to the impressive anti-slip properties of this medical device.

Monalisa Hard Type can be used to treat the deep layer of the skin layers, especially :

  • Forehead lines
  • Nasal augmentation
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Chin and facial oval

What is Monalisa nahafiller?

Monalisa is a hyaluronic acid-based nahafiller. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the body of all of us, which moisturizes the skin, eyes, joints, and connective tissues. What’s the most important – hyaluronic acid attracts water molecules, acting as emollients, resulting in a facial structure that is more elastic and smoother.

Is Monalisa safe?

Monalisa manufacturer complies with all international quality standards and rules that the procedure is safe and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

New-generation facial sculpting skin injection

Monalisa Hard provides natural-looking volume when used for chin and facial reshaping or nasal augmentation. Because the Hyaluronic Acid particles in this innovative dermal filler are uniform and remarkably dense, the product will typically begin to dissolve naturally 6 months after treatment.

Are there any risks of using Monalisa Hard Type?

Monalisa Hard Type operates on the principle of water molecule attraction. As a result, you have elastic, healthy skin and a redefined face contour. The basic natural property of hyaluronic acid renders this dermal filler completely safe. Furthermore, the filler’s manufacturer adheres to all international rules and regulations governing product safety.

Patients should learn more about the use and potential side effects of HA fillers. While this is a safe procedure, it is recommended that you read up on dermal filler usage before getting an injection. Genoss created Monalisa Hard Type with the customer in mind and to the highest quality standards.


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