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Buy LUMIFIL L-Max With Lidocaine (1x1ml) Online and deep wrinkles, including nose, cheek, jawline, and chin augmentation: MAX is the thickest and longest-lasting product in the LUMIFIL line, making it ideal for facial augmentation with deep and pronounced structures.

Effective for approx 18 months.


  • High Viscoelasticity – Offering long-lasting volume.
  • Low Phase Angle – LUMIFIL stays closer to the injection site for longer.
  • Patented Particle Technology – LUMIFIL has achieved uniform particle size, creating easier injections and molding and enhancing the effects of the treatment.
  • High Quality & Density – LUMIFIL offers one of the dense HA fillers on the market achieving a huge 2,500,000 da particle weight, meaning added volume for longer.

How long does LUMIFIL filler last?

How long do the effects of LUMIFIL® dermal fillers last? Full treatment can produce results that last up to 18 months or longer. The LUMIFIL® range of premium HA dermal fillers provides long-lasting results.

What is the best longest-lasting face filler?

According to many plastic surgeons, Juvederm and Restylane are the most durable and long-lasting fillers available. Both contain hyaluronic acid, which helps to smooth wrinkles and lines. Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water and gives the skin a youthful, supple, and soft appearance.

What is the longest-lasting filler?

Juvederm and Restylane are currently the market’s longest-lasting and most durable dermal fillers. Juvederm and Restylane are hyaluronic acid filler families with numerous formulation options. Each collection contains a variety of products that cater to various cosmetic requirements.

Which filler is better for lips?

Restylane fillers are ideal for adding volume and structure to the lips.Restylane Silk employs smaller, silkier hyaluronic acid particles to provide your lips with a smooth, sleek appearance.


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