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Buy Italfarmacia Skin F 22 (1x1ml) Online The presence of glycine and proline in Skin-F sets it apart from other filler types. These amino acids, which are the two most abundant collagen residues, provide an ideal viscosity that gives the filler a strong capacity for tissue fusion and therefore levigating properties, as well as elasticity that makes gel modeling easier. Skin-F 22 thanks to amino acids

Skin-F 22, thanks to the amino acids which make the product more fluid, allows obtaining a greater volume and long-lasting results. For lines periocular, superficial and perioral.

Visco-elasticity and smoothing capability The presence of glycine and proline in Skin-F make it different from the other types of filler. These amino acids, which are the two most representative residues of collagen, allow an optimal viscosity giving the filler a high capacity of tissue integration and consequent smoothing function, an elasticity such as to promotes the modeling of the gel and provides strong volumizing capacity.
Method of administration and duration of treatment

Use an iodopovidone- or chlorhexidine-containing disinfectant to completely clean the area before injecting the product.
Remove the syringe’s safety cap by unscrewing it.

  • Put the needle tightly onto the syringe’s luer-lock attachment.
  • To get rid of any air in the product, gently press the plunger.
  • Replace the needle instead of applying more pressure to the piston if the needle is clogged.
  • Gently inject the product using the retrograde sliding technique in the superficial layer of the dermis in the following locations: marionettes, crow’s feet, nasogenetic wrinkles, barcodes, and lip contours.
  • The doctor can mold the substance during injection using the opposite hand.
  • Finish by giving the treated area a light massage to help the product spread more evenly.


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