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Buy Intraline PDO Threads SPIRAL SINGLE SCREW S3025 Online PDO (Polydioxonone) Threads lift and tighten drooping skin tissues.

Skin feels refreshed following the quick (30–90 minute) process, delivering vigor, suppleness, and a more even complexion. After six months of biological (enzymatic) absorption or hydrolysis, the lifting effect peaks.

PDO Thread treatments are becoming increasingly well-liked as a result of the technology’s widespread global usage. But how do you determine which PDO Thread to use and for what therapy when there are so many options available?

PDO Thread treatments are currently one of the most popular and puzzling trends in cosmetic medicine, but we’re here to help you understand them. The two main kinds of PDO Thread treatments are Rejuvenation PDO Threads and Lifting PDO Threads, sometimes referred to as thread lifting or Cog PDO Threads.

Rejuvenation PDO Thread treatments take use of the regenerative changes that result from the skillful insertion of PDO Threads employing particular procedures in the dermis and subcutis.

Monos, Doubles, Triples, and Spirals (also known as Screw Threads), Double Spirals (also known as Tornado Threads), and other smooth threads are examples of Rejuvenation PDO Threads. An average procedure would use 10 to 20 rejuvenation threads per treatment area.

Folding a smooth, single-filament PDO thread in half creates a mono PDO thread. Two smooth PDO filaments folded in half and twisted around one another form a double PDO thread.

The most dramatic form of PDO thread treatment is PDO thread lifting, but it’s also the most challenging, and controlling patient expectations is essential.  But make no mistake, PDO thread lifts cannot produce the same results as a genuine facelift performed by a qualified surgeon.





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