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Buy Intraline PDO Threads MONO M2638 Online are designed for use with Mono M2638 20 threads 26g spools. Intraline PDO Threads are a great choice for a variety of applications, including fabricating fabric and apparel, making quilts, and more.

Cog PDO Threads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but Intraline concentrates on the kinds that work best for non-surgical rhinoplasty and traditional multiple-point lifting. The Dimension 720 is the newest Cog PDO Thread we provide.

It is a molded PDO thread for a cog. Our molded method gives the thread four times the strength of non-molded threads while preserving its shape integrity.  The patient received 19G Dimension 360 treatment in the past.

The most dramatic form of PDO thread treatment is PDO thread lifting, but it’s also the most challenging, and controlling patient expectations is essential.

But make no mistake, PDO thread lifts cannot produce the same results as a genuine facelift performed by a qualified surgeon.

Folding a smooth, single-filament PDO thread in half creates a mono PDO thread. Two smooth PDO filaments folded in half and twisted around one another form a double PDO thread. Three smooth PDO filaments folded in half and twisted around one another to up a Triple PDO Thread.

Spiral PDO Threads are especially effective in giving sunken areas of the skin exceptional volume restoration and provide quick structural support.

Intraline PDO Threads Mono M2950 can enhance the skin’s natural renewal process in a number of different ways. Immediately after the treatment, the threads tighten drooping skin tissues, giving the treated area’s skin a perceptible lift.

However, by encouraging the formation of hyaluronic acid and own collagen, the continued, progressive resorption of polydioxanone threads within the dermal tissues enhances the rejuvenation even more. The procedure improves skin firmness, elasticity, and general quality.




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