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Buy Intraline M2 Plus ( 1×1.1ml) Online by Intraline including the Intraline M2 Plus Lidocaine. The cross-linked gel is homogenized to form the M-Series, which results in a smooth product.

The ideal applications for M2 Plus with lidocaine are for the treatment of fine to medium wrinkles in the lips, cupid’s bow, labial commissure, frown lines, and neck folds.

  • Total HA Concentration: 24 MG/ML
  • Average Gel Particle Size: Small
  • Cross Linking: BDDE (<1UG/ML)
  • Level of Injection: Upper Dermis
  • Packaging: 1 Syringe 1 x 27G Needle 1 x 30G Needle
  • Volume: 1.1 ml
  • Lidocaine: 3 mg/ml
  • Needle Size: 27G & 30G

What are the indications for Intraline M2 Plus treatment?

Doctors and other aesthetic medical professionals find Intraline M2 Plus highly effective in treatments such as:

  • the removal of small to medium wrinkles
  • improved labial commissure
  • improving the lips or subtly defining the neck folds
  • Phillips enhancement

Intraline M2 Plus – device properties

The product has a soft, elastic gel-like substance. The preparation’s highly pure, cross-linked hyaluronic acid is completely biodegradable, not animal-derived, and nearly equivalent to the substance found naturally in human tissue. Lidocaine is present in the gel to make the operation more comfortable.

Intraline M2 Plus results

Thanks to spherification technology, which modifies the shape of hyaluronic acid molecules, Intraline M2 Plus is a rejuvenating solution that offers results that are essentially natural-looking.

The effects of a hyaluronic acid injection last an average of 9 months, with maximum and lower bounds of 12 months. Age, skin type, sun exposure, and general skin condition are some of the individual elements that together decide the final outcome.



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