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Buy DNDD474YL Yellow Lid Sharpsguard 3.75 liter Online These 7-liter sharps containers are ideal for community healthcare workers. Surgical Procedure Packs.

This unit, which is part of a comprehensive range of yellow sharps bins, is ideal for disposing of sharps, including those contaminated with medicinal products and their residues.

Never overfill products beyond the safe fill line. Our SHARPSGUARD® orange 3.75 is a general-purpose sharps container with maximum capacity in the smallest possible working space, making it ideal for use in a ward or department setting. DNDD474YL Yellow Lid Sharpsguard 3.75 litre

SharpsguardTM eco 5 is an ideal general-purpose sharps container, with maximum capacity in the smallest amount of working space.
The label contains instructions for locking the container and keeping the users and contents safe.

Acceptance of unwanted medicines and sharps from households and individuals in need of safe disposal by community pharmacies. HSCB must have appropriate arrangements in place for the collection and disposal of waste medicines and sharps from pharmacies.

Information is provided to people visiting the pharmacy who require additional support, advice, or treatment that the pharmacy cannot provide to other health and social care providers or support organizations who may be able to assist the person. This may take the form of a referral where appropriate.

It has a one-piece push-down lid that keeps your sharps safe. The container comes with the lid completely assembled. The box contains a fill line, and the contents must not exceed that line. You may be able to drop it off at a GP surgery or pharmacy, or some local governments may offer collection services (at a charge).

What Colour lid is on a sharps box?

Sharp bins are available with a variety of color-coded lids and labels that indicate the type of waste contained within. DNDD474YL Yellow Lid Sharpsguard 3.75 litre.

What type of waste goes into yellow containers?

Yellow: A yellow waste bin denotes several different types of waste. Human waste, tissues, organs, or bodily fluids may be found in yellow bins. Chemicals, soiled bed sheets, animal carcasses, or laboratory waste could also be present.






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