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Buy Cytocare 532 (10x5ml) Online for the superficial dermis of the face, CYTOCARE BY REVITACARE is a line of resorbable implants that cure fine lines and wrinkles, dehydrated skin, and a lack of density and brightness in the skin.
Hyaluronic acid 32 mg and the CT50 rejuvenation formula complex.

Product Properties

Due to its resorbent properties and the uniformity with which it adheres to skin tissues, hyaluronic acid gel is preferable to collagen. In addition, 2013’s best mesotherapy product line award went to the Cytocare line of products.

32 mg of hyaluronic acid are included in Cytocare 532, along with a CT50 rejuvenation complex. Folic acid, vitamins B3, B4, B1, B12, and B5 are among its ingredients. All the trace elements required for optimal and long-lasting hydration are, in a nutshell, included in this product. The cocktail’s antioxidant impact, which delays the onset of outward indications of aging, is another benefit.


  • PREVENTION shrinking of wrinkles.
  • Dermal regeneration and significant re-densification.
  • warns against aging too quickly.
  • postpones the onset of wrinkles.
  • High levels of moisture, shine, and luminosity.


The skin gets softer and more radiant, with a better complexion overall. Restructuring the skin produces a very natural-looking outcome. 10 vials in 1 box

THE PRODUCTS SOLD ON OUR WEBSITE ARE PARAPHAMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS. They are the enemy and don’t need prescription drugs. This is a medical gadget. There will be no returns or exchanges for this item.

Hyaluronic acid in the amount of 32 mg is present in Cytocare 532, along with a CT50 rejuvenation complex. It also includes folic acid and the vitamins B3, B4, B1, B12, and B5. In other words, this product has all the trace elements required for optimum and sustained hydration. The antioxidant impact of such a combination also has the benefit of delaying the onset of outward indications of aging.





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