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Buy Belotero Volume (2x1ml) Online is a cross-linked sodium hyaluronate of non-animal origin in physiological phosphate buffer that is sterile, clear, colorless, pyrogen-free, and viscoelastic. Hyaluronic acid is elastic and pliable and restores the volume of the face.
Double crosslinked monophasic “poly densified” gel. little viscosity.

Long-lasting action. excellent injectability. excellent tissue fusion.Temples. Chin. Cheekbone. areas of malar.


  • The BELOTERO VOLUME LIDO is provided in a pre-filled glass syringe for single use that has undergone wet heat sterilization.
  • BELOTERO VOLUME LIDO is available in boxes of two syringes each.
    4 traceability labels and 1 instruction leaflet.
  • Needles: 27G1/2 and 30G1/2 (X2) (X2).
    27G/37 mm canules (X2).
  • Serine: One cc pre-filled glass syringe (X2).

What is Belotero volume used for?

Most people are safe using Zotero. Its safety for those under the age of 18 or for expectant or nursing mothers is unknown, nevertheless.

How much Belotero is needed for under eyes?

You might get 3-5 injections per side, depending on the severity of your under-eye circles. Your doctor delicately injects the clear gel solution beneath your skin to fill in the hollow area using a very thin needle.

What is Belotero volume with lidocaine?

A hyaluronic acid filler called Belotero Volume Lidocaine uses a special technique to quickly and easily add volume to the skin tissue on your face.

What are the risks of Belotero?

Additional side effects of BELOTERO BALANCE in clinical investigations have included headache, nose-side swelling, mild cold sores, lip numbness, and lip dryness. Most side effects were mild to moderate and went away within a week.

How good is Belotero?

As a result, facial plastic surgeons believe that it totally eliminates lines that run from the side of the nose to the edge of the mouth, known as nasolabial folds.


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