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Buy BCN Eye Relief Patches 8094 4×2 hydrogel patches Online are specifically formulated with an active ingredient combination that helps improve the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, providing comfort and radiance to the eye contour. Eyes appear illuminated and rejuvenated as the look becomes fresh and full of vitality.

Designed to target problematic periocular physiological deficiencies such as capillary permeability, cutaneous sagging, and insufficiency of lymphatic drainage. Box of 4 treatments for the periocular area. Each sachet contains 2 hydrogel eye patches.

What do eye patches do for your eyes?

Eye patches are a great way to protect your eye after surgery or other procedures because they cover your entire eye. After cataract surgery, they can aid in preventing infection and prevent dust or other objects from irritatingly irritating your eye. After surgery, a patch can also assist you in avoiding touching or rubbing your eye.

Can I use an eye patch every day?

The number of times you can wear eye patches daily is unlimited. For best results, apply a pair of eye patches before applying your eye cream in the morning or at night. The eye patches are serum-impregnated, so they’ll make you look more at ease every day! Additionally, you will get better results if you use it consistently.

Can I sleep with eye patches?

Some patches can be worn all night long, allowing your skin to absorb the ingredients. The patches could dry out and harm your skin if you don’t follow the instructions and do this. The best general rule is to follow the directions on the package.

Are eye masks good or bad?

According to Osmun, eye masks can significantly enhance your overall sleep quality. They may also have a calming effect, which may help you fall asleep more quickly. The soothing sensation on the face and eyes is “another benefit of an eye mask,” according to Osmun.


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